Sundome 4 Person Tent

The product of Sundome is spacious enough to support four adult campers. The tent has a massive door which will allow you to get interior and exterior tent very easily. The trunk-hooded window manages the air flow inside the tent and therefore ensures that you will get proper ventilation, even if it rains. The flooring from the tent is produced inside a bathtub style. If offers extreme weather protection through its welded seams and prevents leaks inside the camp tent. The polyester fabrics quickly and also the walls are generally durable and rugged. Among the best options that come with this tent is the fact that you can easily setup and take lower. You are able to setup the tent with the rods simply and rapidly. The tent has got the necessary instructions stitched to some duffel type carry bag. By doing this, you won't lose it on your camping trip. The tent also offers many other impressive features like the electrical access port, convenient flash light loop around the ceiling along with a fire-proof import Best Camping Tents.

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